Dünya Dilleri Yazarlar

The Bell Tolls for America

America, you have a nightmare

Waking you up every morning in a cold sweat

Like the last bullet in the clip

That you keep for yourself with care

You have a nightmare

The people you murdered!

Children from Vietnamese, Philippines, Palestine

Like walking dead

Walking on you

In a dead end

Playing Russian roulette at nights

At the edge of suicide

You know

Do you know?

Actually, I don’t want to call you America

Like you stole something from everyone in the world

You stole it as well, you stole your name from the Latinas

Living with a stolen identity

And, but now

Latinas are asking back their names “America”

I am speaking to them every day

“Ya Basta!” they say and add, maldito sea,

Karamba karambita!

Not that one, we are the real America

They will take their names back one day

Will take back the honour and the land

The angels and Los Angeles

The wall you try to bond in Mexican border

Will fall over you

You know that

Because every night, you see it in your nightmare


You are the murderer of the sweet dreams

The murderer of Martin Luther King

A black priest who used to say ‘I have a dream”

And Malcolm X

You did not want the dreams of the blacks

The dreams of the blacks, are your nightmare

But the American Dream is the nightmare of millions of blacks

Like Malcolm X said

You will face with millions of Muhamed Ali, one day

They will beat you up, in the streets of Harlem

Mississippi will burn

You will not find

A one last exit to Brooklyn

America, you have a nightmare

In it there are Chinese instead of devils

Trembling, feeling the fear of the upcoming hit

Jeet Kune Do, Aikido, Judo…

Dragon kick, eagle talon

Hahaha, what kick, what claw

They will beat you with whatever they have

You know China is not a Chinese neighbourhood anymore

China is blown up volcano

America is cartoon made tiger

Billions of, billions of, billions of Mao Zedong

They are ringing the bell and running away for now

Ding dong, ding dong, ding dong

The bell tolls for you America

When you open the door one day

You will see

One billion Bruce Lee

America, I know, you are scared

Looking for somewhere to hide

You are a ball America

Nations will sting you with sticks

No matter what you do, your destiny wont change

Like a billiard-ball

You, eventually will fall down to the hole

Down, down, down, you are low America

Down, down, down…

Until the back of beyond

America, why there is blood and tears?

Behind the sweetest words

Why blood comes out of your teeth while saying freedom?

Why blood erupts from oil wells while saying peace?

Why millions of people die in the Middle East

When you talk about freedom and peace?

America, America! Tell me!

Is there any place in this world that you didn’t commit murder


The answer goes with the wind

In the song “Blowin’ in the wind”


There is no “civitas eterna”in this world

States are like human beings

They are born to die

Though, I am not certain if you are a state

Because, in accordance with your capitalism

Everything is a product


You are not a state but a canned food

Expiry date stamped on the surface

You have a shelf life

You will see, oil is not serum

That you keep injecting into your vessels

You’ll see

Your one night stands in the Middle East

Your strategical partners for one operation

Your honourless children of operations

Your cardinal Fethullahs

Your El Qaide, Daesh, PKK

Your alias home negro

Your troy

Endless corruptions of yours

Toilet papers that you use to wipe out your dirt

None of them cannot extend your lifetime

You will understand one day

That the world isn’t a real estate market

That your green dollars cannot buy everyone and everything

You think

When you cut 65 Million dollars aid

You will buy Quds

You cannot buy Quds

You cannot buy Palestine

You cannot buy the wind

You cannot buy the Sun

You cannot buy the rain

You cannot buy the warmth

You cannot buy the clouds

You cannot buy the colours

You cannot buy our joy

You cannot buy our pain

You cannot buy our furry

You cannot buy our hate

Speaking of hate

We all hate you

All of us:

Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, Latin America

And even the Antarctica

And even the sun and the moon

And even whales

And even ants

And even global warming

And even the ozone layer

You upset the wind and rain

They are now hurricane and hazard

This is your share

Furry, hate and avenge

What Allen Ginsberg was saying:

“America when will we end the human war?

Get the atom bomb and get out